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Are You A Top Or Bottom Personality Quiz

Are You A Top Or Bottom Personality Quiz. Are you a top or bottom. Others are more like followers and depend on the strong personalities and tend to be very submissive to fit into the group.

 Clay "Helmet" Jensen [Edits] 13 Reasons Why ‣ Amino
Clay "Helmet" Jensen [Edits] 13 Reasons Why ‣ Amino from

Would you like to top? And in japanese culture, seme is used to describe top and uke to describe bottom. I might cuff my jeans as well.

Would You Like To Top?

Have you ever reacted extremely strongly to a situation and not understood what was at the root of your response? It's time to get some insight. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously 🙂

This Test Is A Series Of Scenarios To Find Out Whether You Like To Take Control, Be At The Receiving End Of It, Or.

Just for fun personality top bottom love joke. I'd be on the bottom because i love having my partner on top and controlling me. Quiz introduction title says it all.

There's Nothing Wrong With Being A Top, Switch, Or Bottom, And This Is Supposed To Just Give You.

No versatile because this is a spectrum question (and tbh almost everyone in a sense is a switch this is just a literal a joke and for fun quiz) don't use the actual words in your bio if you don't know what they actually mean. See if you are on top or bottom and what type of screwer you are! Add to library 117 » discussion 979 » follow author » share.

So Today You'll Find Out What Type Of Top, Bottom Or Switch Are You, All Based In My Comfort Characters @Djarinweon Follow Me :>.

Nice dresses, streetwear, overalls, etc.) 4. I'd be on the bottom to steer. Only 50/50 top and bottom.

This Test Can Also Be Regarded As The Am I A Switch Quiz.

I might cuff my jeans as well. Answer these questions about your sex life, and personality, and we'll tell you if you're a top or a bottom. If you're over 16, you must know what i am talking about!!

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